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Belzona® Repair To Turbine Stationary Blade Holder



Power (POWR)



Centrifugal Pumps (CEP)


Customer Location:

Geothermal Power Station in Indonesia


Application Date:

August, 2006


Application Situation:

Stationary Blade Holder



Erosion-corrosion on seating area of the upper and lower halves of the stationary blade holder. This had been caused by many years exposure to saturated steam.



Belzona® 1111 (Super Metal)

Belzona® 1591 (Ceramic XHT)



Cast Iron ASTM A27


Application Method:

Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know How System Leaflet CEP-3 and CEP-5.


Belzona Facts:

Belzona was used because there was no other suitable solution to protect Blade Holder from erosion-corrosion. Belzona® 1511 would now be recommended for rebuilding in place of Belzona® 1111.


Photographs Description

  1. View of the Stationary Blade Holders
  2. Typical damage found on the seating area after blasting
  3. Template in place to form the Belzona® 1111
  4. Job completed with Belzona® 1591
Case study pic one


  Case study pic two


  Case study pic three


  Case study pic four


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