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Belzona® Mould Is Long Term Success



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Customer Location:

Arts Museum, Bradford, UK


Application Date:

March 1982


Application Situation:

The coat-of-arms in an arts museum.



Six of the original coat-of-arms had been damaged and needed re-creating



Belzona Fluid Rubber 80 [now
Belzona 2221 (Fluid Elastomer)]




Application Method:

Application was carried out following details in Belzona Know-How System Leaflet WPA-6. Belzona® 9411 was applied to the original coat-of-arms. Once dry, the Belzona Fluid Rubber was initially brushed over the  surface before pouring more product to obtain the required thickness. This ensured all the detail from the original coat-of-arms was reproduced in the Belzona mould.


Belzona Facts:

The mould was inspected in February 2008, over 25 years since its creation. Aside from a few minor issues that the customer had easily corrected, the condition was still excellent and usable for the museums latest restoration. The toughness and stability of the Belzona Elastomers allow them to repeatedly be used to create accurate replicas of the original pattern.


Photographs Description

  1. The original coat-of-arms
  2. A casting from the mould in 1982
  3. The mould in February 2008
  4. Close up shows the detail is still clearly evident 25 years later
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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