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Belzona® Repair Of Diesel Engine Casing



Marine (MRNE)



Engines and Casings (ENC)


Customer Location:

Dockyard, Bulgaria


Application Date:

February, 2008


Application Situation:

Yanmar diesel engine of electrical generator from vessel



Damaged casing of the engine with leakage of cooling water from the water jacket.



Belzona® 1111 (Super Metal)
Belzona® 1392 (Ceramic HT2)


Cast Iron


Application Method:

Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How Leaflet ENC-1. The internal surface of the casing was additionally protected with a coat of Belzona® 1392.


Belzona Facts:

The conventional repair by welding was done previously without success. The welds cracked soon due to the induced stresses and brittle condition of the engine casing. All conventional repair companies refused any repair. After application and test runnings of the engine the customer was fully satisfied with the results. Belzona solution was time and cost effective and saved the customer replacement costs.


Photographs Description

  1. View of the cracked casing
  2. Crack terminated and metal reinforcement straps fixed
  3. Application of Belzona® 1111 with additional Belzona® 9341 (Reinforcement Tape) in progress
  4. View of the completed application
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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