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Belzona® 1591 Fast Track Protection



Oil & Gas (OILG)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Oil producer


Application Date:

April 1997


Application Situation:

The Oil/Gas Separators (Production and Test) and Flare Knock-Out vessels for installation onboard a Floating Oil Production and Storage vessel (an FPSO) being fast track built for operation in the North Sea.



There was insufficient time available to construct vessels with internal metal cladding.



Belzona® 1591



Carbon steel


Application Method:

Application was carried out at a Specialist applicators workshop in accordance with Belzona Know-How Leaflet TCC-5. They were then transported for fitting out and installation on the FPSO.


Belzona Facts:

This project is to develop a small oil field and so costs and particularly timing were critical. Belzona® 1591 was seen as the only coating available to protect the equipment at the operating temperatures expected (up to 150°C).


Photographs Description

  1. One of the separators mounted in applicators workshop on rotator to make application easier. 
  2. All exposed areas of vessels are coated, including nozzles. 
  3. Completed application.
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 Case study pic four


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