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Belzona® Hot Groundwater Protection



Power (POWR)



Heat Exchangers (HEX)


Customer Location:

Geothermal Power Plant in Southern California, U.S.A.


Application Date:

October 1997


Application Situation:

Tube sheet of vaporizer is exposed to groundwater at 280-330°F



Hot groundwater contains high levels of minerals, sulfer and abrasives. There is erosion/corrosion of the tube sheet face at elevated temperature.



Belzona® 1591



Cast iron


Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How Leaflet HEX-1. Duct tape was used around the circumference and to mask off the division bar areas. Because each tube protrudes, artist brushes were used to coat between the tubes.


Belzona Facts:

Belzona® 1591 is the only protective coating of its kind that can withstand severe erosion/corrosion at temperatures above 180°C (360°F). Years later the coating continues to protect the tube sheet face.


Photographs Description

  1. General view of the generating units. 
  2. Tubesheet of vaporizer with head removed. Work station in foreground. 
  3. Application in progress. 
  4. Finished application.
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