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Belzona® Repairs And Protects Sulfurprill Tower



Oil & Gas (OILG)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Oil refinery in Saudi Arabia


Application Date:

August 2001


Application Situation:

Prill tower for pelletizing sulfur.



Acidic content of moist sulfur had led to sever attack of the concrete.



Belzona® 4111 (Magma-Quartz)

Belzona® 5811 (Immersion Grade)



Concrete and stainless steel.


Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflets TCC-9 and TCC-15.


Belzona Facts:

Belzona Systems allowed the tower to be repaired and protected quickly and effectively ensuring many years of continued service. The stainless steel cone in the base of the tower was not coated, but the Belzona provides an excellent seal at the steel/concrete interface. Belzona Systems were also used on the external surfaces to provide additional protection from the marine atmosphere.


Photographs Description

  1. General view of the tower
  2. Cracks and damaged concrete required extensive repairs with Belzona® 4111
  3. Steel/concrete joint sealed
  4. Application of Belzona® 5811 underway
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