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Belzona® Rebuilds Mounting Surface Of Ball Mill Journal



General Industry (GIND)



Gaskets, Seals and Shims (GSS)


Customer Location:

Cement Plant, Bulgaria


Application Date:

November, 2011


Application Situation:

Ball Mill for grinding lime used in cement production



Ingress of lime particles and water caused severe wear between feed screw insert andball mill journal. The diameter is 1500mm and length 200mm. 



Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal)
Belzona 1812 (Ceramic Carbide FP)





Application Method:

Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How Leaflet GSS-9.  Belzona 1321 was injected into annular gap between new screw insert and ball mill journal. After that Belzona 1812 was applied at the frontal interface between insert and journal to prevent further abrasion from lime particles.


Belzona Facts:

Previous repairs by welding and machining of the mounting surface were not successful due to  problems with machining and centralising the insert. As a consequence the significant movement and vibration caused the mounting surface to wear quickly and the ingress of the ground lime particles  further increased abrasion. The Belzona solution allowed the mounting surface to be rebuilt with zero deviation using the new screw insert as former after its alignment in the journal. The heavy movement and vibration was therefore stopped. 


Photographs Description

  1. Sealing the inner joint
  2. Sealing the outer border with metal ring. Injection ports were drilled in thel ring
  3. Rebuilding of the mounting surface by injection of Belzona® 1321 
  4. Completed application with Belzona® 1812 applied at the frontal interface between ball mill journal and screw insert
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