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Belzona® Solves Water Ingress Issue At University Machine Shop



Buildings & Structures (BSTR)



Roof Problem Areas (RPA)


Customer Location:

University, Manchester, UK.


Application Date:

October 2011


Application Situation:

Courtyard walkway with surface water drain, the source of water ingress into laboratory  machine shop below.



There had been ongoing water ingress issues into the lab machine shop over several years. A new drain had been inserted into the courtyard walkway approximately 18 months previous but the water ingress issues had deteriorated further rather than improve.



Belzona® 3131 (WG Membrane)

Belzona® 9221 (Surefoot Aggregate)



Concrete and Brick


Application Method:

Application was carried out in accordance with modified versions of Belzona Know-How System Leaflets RPA-6 and RPA-8. The system comprised three coats of Belzona® 3131 with the third coat blinded out with Belzona® 9221 aggregate to improve abrasion resistance and provide positive grip


Belzona Facts:

The application was completed within 4 days and has eliminated water ingress. In addition to eliminating the water ingress, by applying a third coat of Belzona® 3131 and blinding out with Belzona® 9221 surefoot aggregate, a positive grip system has been created which is both practical in reducing slip risk and pleasing to the eye. The alternative could have been to remove the drain, recut the concrete deck and replace. This would have proved a very lengthy, disruptive and costly procedure with no guarantee of success.


Photographs Description

  1. Initial inspection of the courtyard walkway and drain
  2. Initial inspection of the Lab workshop directly under the courtyard walkway
  3. Belzona® 3131 application in progress
  4. Completed application
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 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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