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Belzona® Gets The Nod When Downtime Must Be Minimized



Power (POWR)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Geothermal Plant in the Philippines.


Application Date:

August 2002


Application Situation:

Anchor casing



This anchor casing was badly in need of repair. Plant engineers did not want to shut down the equipment, leaving Belzona’s heat-activated prod-ucts as the only viable option.



Belzona® 1251 (HA-Metal)
Belzona® 5851 (HA-Barrier)





Application Method:

Manual surface preparation was used. Next, a new metal jacket was placed over the heavily pitted areas and bonded in place with Belzona ® 1251. After the material began to cure, Belzona® 5851 was used to coat the entire area for extra protection.


Belzona Facts:

Belzona® 1251 and Belzona® 5851 are heat activated, and make ideal repair solutions when minimizing downtime is the main priority since they can be applied while the equipment is in service. These products begin to cure when exposed to temperatures of 70°C or higher.


Photographs Description

Pitted areas are rebuilt with Belzona® 1251 prior to Belzona® 5851 application. Belzona ® 1251 is heat cured in service with adhesion strength of 3200 psi. Final coat of Belzona® 5851 for extra protection.

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