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Belzona® Protects 4 New Stern Tubes



Marine (MRNE)



Ships and Offshore Structures (SOS)


Customer Location:

Leading manufacturer of marine equipment, Spain


Application Date:

July 2012


Application Situation:

Four newly fabricated stern tubes for naval vessel.



Erosion and corrosion protection required for the internal surfaces.



Belzona 1111 (Supermetal)

Belzona 1341 (Supermetaglide)

Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade)



Carbon Steel


Application Method:

Application was carried out in accordance with System Leaflet SOS-2. Belzona® 1111 used to fair welds etc. Belzona® 5811 used in central section to provide corrosion protection. Belzona® 1341 used in end sections where erosion is an added factor.


Belzona Facts:

The customer had previously used conventional paint systems to coat. However, following the proven success of the material on similar applications, Belzona products were specified by the client to ensure a long-lasting solution to corrosion. 


Photographs Description

  1. Stern tubes before the application
  2. Internal surface of the stern tube grit blasted
  3. First coat of Blezona 5811 applied and application of first coat of Belzona 1341 in process to the end section
  4. Application completed
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