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Belzona® Provides Fast Interior Protection Of Two Cyanide Destruction Tanks



Mining and Quarrying (MINQ)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Gold mine


Application Date:

September 2009


Application Situation:

Tank interior



Aggressive chemical attack, cavitation and erosion of suspended solids in processing tanks that operate with permanent entry and exit of fluids and mixing blades.



Belzona 4151 (Magma-Quartz Resins)



Steel ASTM A36


Application Method:

After blasting, Belzona 4151 was applied with airless spray equipment in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet TCC-5.


Belzona Facts:

It is common to use paints to protect tanks, but these paints are not designed for the working conditions they are subjected to. As a result they deteriorate rapidly, which leaves the metallic parts exposed. After a technical evaluation, it was decided to apply a coating of Belzona 4151 due to its superior resistance to chemical attack, erosion and cavitation. The product was applied with Airless Graco Xtreme X70 equipment, which is able to cover large areas in a short amount of time in order to reduce downtime.


Photographs Description

  1. Original conditions in the interior of the tank
  2. Image of the tank and airless spray equipment
  3. Mixing Belzona 4151
  4. Application completed
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 Case study pic four


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