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Belzona® Repairs Profile Of Hydroelectric Dam



Power (POWR)



Floor Problem Areas (FPA)


Customer Location:

Washington, USA


Application Date:

October 2012


Application Situation:

Rebuilding the profile of a small hydroelectric dam.  



The profile of a small hydroelectric dam became worn, exposing reinforcing bar, which was caused by damage from VW sized boulders tumbling into and over the face of dam during spring runoff. The client was concerned about maintaining the integrity of the small hydroelectric dam and restoring the original profile.



Belzona 4111 (Magma-Quartz)



Concrete and exposed reinforcing bar


Application Method:

With the help of plywood templates, the dam profile was rebuilt with Belzona 4111 applied by hand. The application time was limited due to possible mountain runoff. Work was tightly monitored and contained so as not to pollute nearby fish spawning grounds.


Belzona Facts:

The client was previously familiar with the bond strength and mechanical properties of Belzona 4111. Several other comparable materials had been considered.


Photographs Description

  1. Dam (ogee) profile before repairs
  2. Several pallets of Belzona 4111 on site
  3. Dam repairs underway - note templates & mixer
  4. Completed application
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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