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A Durable Belzona® Coating For Conveyor



General Industry (GIND)



Solids Handling Machinery (SHM)


Customer Location:

Chipboard manufacturer - UK


Application Date:

Febuary 2005


Application Situation:

Overhead conveyor



Conveyor suffering build up of product causing flights to drive up into conveyor ceiling. Customer sought to reduce the excessive maintenance down time through the use of Belzona.



Belzona® 1341 (Supermetalglide)



Mild steel


Application Method:

Application was carried out using a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet SHM-13.


Belzona Facts:

Since application of Belzona® 1341, the issue of build-up on the conveyor has been stopped - putting an end to time consuming maintenance that was carried out every five weeks and took four maintenance personnel. This also increased potential production time on this piece of plant equipment.


Photographs Description

  1. Conveyor with product build-up clear to see
  2. Plate prepared for application of product
  3. Product applied to conveyor bottom
  4. Conveyor bottom removed to prove performance of Belzona® 1341
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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