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Belzona® Secures Aeration Basin Joints



Water / Wastewater (WATR)



Floor Problem Areas (FPA)


Customer Location:

Anacortes, WA, USA


Application Date:

July 2010


Application Situation:

The treatment plant operates several Aeration Basins so they were able to de-water the basin for a sufficient period of time to enable joint preparation, renewal and cure.



The client was aware of Belzona's quality and sought use of appropriate Belzona materials to seal leaking expansion joints. Existing material was of poor quality and had torn away from joint sidewalls.



Belzona 2211 (MP Hi-Build Elastomer)

Belzona 2911 (Elastomer QD Conditioner)





Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet FPA-6. A foam backer rod was inserted to expansion joint the proper depth. Belzona 2911 was used to condition the surface area and Belzona 2111 was hand applied to seal the expansion joint.


Belzona Facts:

The client had previous experiences with the quality of pump and concrete repairs so they decided to apply the same logic when choosing the material to secure their expansion joint. They did not want to come back and redo this job prematurely - hence the choice for Belzona.


Photographs Description

  1. Aeration basin overview
  2. Masking, backer rod & conditioner applied
  3. Application to overhead & vertical wall surfaces
  4. Completed joint
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 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


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