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Belzona® Keeps The Light Rail On Track



Transport (TRAN)




Customer Location:

Seattle, WA, USA


Application Date:

September 2015


Application Situation:

Steel train track for the city light rail transportation system.



The fiberglass joint spacer was breaking down and the top of the track was weakening and getting pushed into the void.



Belzona 1221 (Super E-Metal)





Application Method:

A cutting wheel was used to remove the damaged fiberglass piece and then a grinding wheel was used to roughen and prepare the two surfaces. Duct tape was applied on either side of the repair for fast and easy clean up. An appropriate amount of Belzona 1221 was mixed and first worked into the two faces of the track. Then, the material was pushed in from the top until excess squeezed out on both sides. The excess material was scraped off,  leaving it a little proud. A grinder was then used to machine it down to the proper profile.


Belzona Facts:

This repair took a couple hours to complete and the fast cure time allowed for the train to stay on schedule for its first morning run. The alternative process was either attempt to replace the fiberglass spacer or cut, remove and replace the section which would have cost considerable time and money.


Photographs Description

  1. Light Rail Joint; note the stress crack on the bottom-center of the joint
  2. Grinding to remove the fiberglass and prepare the surface
  3. Application of Belzona 1221
  4. Completed application
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 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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