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Belzona® Gives New Life To Almost Scrapped Pumps



Steel (STEL)



Centrifugal Pumps (CEP)


Customer Location:

Copper Processing Plant, Bulgaria


Application Date:

March, 2015


Application Situation:

Split casing pumps type 500LNN1000 used for water recycling in copper ore processing.



Due to many years of service exposed to erosion and corrosion effects, the housings and covers of two pumps had significant wear, particularly at cutwaters, flow straighteners and wear ring seats. The pumps had been decommissioned and considered as scrap before the Distributor proposal for recovery with products and technologies of Belzona.



Belzona 1311 (Ceramic R-Metal)

Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide)



White Cast Iron


Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflets CEP-1, CEP-2 and CEP-3. The pump surface was prepared by blasting, severe damages and missed edges required reinforcing the steel framework with the application of Belzona 1311 to restore original profile. Forming technique was used for wear ring seats and gland housings. After whole case and cover recovery and flash blasting, two coats of Belzona 1341 were applied.


Belzona Facts:

Purchasing a new pump of this kind would cost about €35,000. Restoration and protective coating of Belzona technology totalled about €9,000. Alternatively, welding and machining was rejected as unreliable, time consuming and expensive.


Photographs Description

  1. After blasting the pumps' wear clearly visible
  2. Reinforcing framework to cutwater
  3. Rebuilding with Belzona 1311
  4. Completed application with two coats of Belzona 1341
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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