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Belzona® Repairs Beam Above Paper Machine



Buildings & Structures (BSTR)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Campti, LA, USA


Application Date:

November 2015


Application Situation:

Support beam above paper machine.



Badly corroded beam that was rusted completely through. The vibration of the paper machine was causing rust to fall on the paper sheet and break the paper causing the machine to shut down several times a day.



Belzona 1111 (Super Metal)

Belzona 5892



Carbon Steel


Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet TCC-5.


Belzona Facts:

The outage had already started when the mill found out what was causing the issues. The Belzona application cost $16,000 USD and three days to be completed, compared to $30,000 USD and two weeks to build the beam and cut the wall out to install, which would result in a more costly downtime.


Photographs Description

  1. Corroded beam
  2. Beam after SP-10 blast
  3. Beam after rebuild and coating
  4. Beam after coating
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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