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Belzona® Recessed Lining Marking Survives Constant Abuse



General Industry (GIND)



Floor Problem Areas (FPA)


Customer Location:

Waste Recycling Plant, UK


Application Date:



Application Situation:

Line Marking in Heavy Plant Areas



This leading waste handling company had many sites nationally, which all had problems with line marking. The heavy plant shovelling waste about would quickly destroy any line markings that were applied, and typically they would be ruined in a matter of days. Belzona worked with the client to devise a long lasting solution.



Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate)

Belzona 9221 (Surefoot Aggregate White)





Application Method:

Application was carried out using a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet FPA-4. A channel was cut into the floor about 160mm wide and 5mm deep. A self-levelling screed was made using Belzona 5231 and Belzona 9221 mixed 3:1 which was poured into the channel.


Belzona Facts:

In 2009 Belzona applied trial areas of Belzona 4411 on the surface and also a recessed application of Belzona 5231. After 3 years the surface application had largely been scraped away, whereas the recessed application was still in very good condition. The recessed solution was immediately taken up by the client and installed along the 37m of the top deck of this facility. Despite persistent abuse from the heavy plant shovels, it remains intact over 6 years later. Areas that only suffer foot traffic are still lined with Belzona 4411.


Photographs Description

  1. Heavy plant shovel operating on site
  2. Trial area 1 year after application in 2009
  3. Recessed application of Belzona 5231
  4. Completed line marking on top deck in 2012
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 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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