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Belzona® Preserves Concrete Piles Offshore



Oil & Gas (OILG)



Ships and Offshore Structures (SOS)


Customer Location:

Gulf of Mexico, USA


Application Date:

November 2016


Application Situation:

Offshore application. Marshland soil settlement is causing concrete piles to show stress fractures. Exposed rebar is corroding.



At an aging facility off the Louisiana coast, a gas lift station is experiencing fractures in their concrete piles under the foundation. Uneven stress causes some piles to bear more load as weight is transferred off other piles.



Belzona 4141 (Magma-Build)

Belzona 4151 (Magma-Quartz Resin)

Belzona 9371 (Reinforcement Sheet)





Application Method:

Belzona 4141 was used to bulk fill into large cracks and gaps. Belzona 9371 was saturated with Belzona 4151 and used to wrap the rebuilt pile to reinforce.


Belzona Facts:

Without the Belzona solution, the client would have an extensive and costly process to remove and replace the old pilings. Equipment would have to be removed from the foundation, and the foundation would have to be cut open to provide access for a pile driving operation.


Photographs Description

1. Fractured concrete pile.

2. Exposed rebar.

3. Pile conditioned with Belzona 4911 and rebuilt with Belzona 4141.

4. Pile encapsulated with Belzona 4151/9371 composite wrap.

Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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