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Belzona® Rebuilds The Underside Of Pulpmill Floor



Pulp & Paper (PLPR)



Floor Problem Areas (FPA)


Customer Location:

Pulp & Paper Operation, BC, Canada


Application Date:

June 2003


Application Situation:

Badly damaged underside of concrete floor



Moisture, vibration and impact from above had caused the underside of this concrete deck to spall badly leaving exposed corroding rebar.



Belzona® 4141 (Magma Build)



Concrete and steel reinforcement bars


Application Method:

Application carried out using a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet FPA-1.


Belzona Facts:

Using Belzona 4141 Magma Build allowed the underside of the floor to be rebuilt in a single application without the need for forms saving many additional hours of downtime when compared with a conventional repair (Footnote: The damaged sections on the top side of the deck were rebuilt in 2002 with Belzona 4111 Magma Quartz and the complete deck area sealed with Belzona 5122 (Clear Cladding).


Photographs Description

  1. View of corroded rebar and spalled concrete underside 
  2. A partially completed underside showing the unfinished section after grit blasting to remove all corrosion from the rebar 
  3. Application in final stages of completion
Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three




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