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Belzona® Restores And Protects Pump From Food Industry



Food & Drink (FOOD)



Centrifugal Pumps (CEP)


Customer Location:

Food Company, South Africa


Application Date:

March 2017


Application Situation:

Previously coated pump used in food production.



The existing coating was delaminating from the substrate and parts of this coating were going through the process which was unacceptable as it is a food application.



Belzona 1111 (Super Metal)

Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal)





Application Method:

Thge application was carried out in accordance with Belzona System Leaflet CEP-3 and CEP-05. The old coating had to be removed. Once this was completed the substrate was suitably prepared by grit blasting. Belzona 1111 was applied to rebuild worn areas and Belzona 1321 was applied over the entire casing and backplate. 


Belzona Facts:

The entire repair was done in 3 working days over a long weekend enabling the customer to get their pump back into service in short period time frame.


Photographs Description

1 - Pump Casing before cleaning & blasting 

2 - Pump Casing after coating work completed 

3 - Pump Casing internals before repair

4 - Pump Casing internals after coating had been completed.

Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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