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Saving The Belt With Belzona!



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Customer Location:



Application Date:

June 2017


Application Situation:

2 - 50" Conveyor belts lifting grain from rail cars to silos.



Corn and soybeans falling as the conveyor belt lifts the grains up was causing enough abrasion on the backside of this vertical belt to wear off a complete layer of rubber leaving the layer of the fiber exposed. The wear is worse right next to the joint actually wearing through the fiber layer.



Belzona 2911 QD Conditioner
Belzona 2111 D&A Hi-Build Elastomer
Belzona 9341 Reinforcing Sheet



Rubber and Fiber


Application Method:

Pressure washed the application area to remove debris and grain dust. Used a handheld wire brush to roughen the fiber surface as the majority of the rubber layer was loose and disbonded and was removed. The outline of the proposed application area was marked and the Belzona 2911 QD Conditioner was applied and allowed to dry per the IFU. Duct tape was applied over the joint seam to allow the application to bridge rather than adhere. The outline was also taped off just inside of where the conditioner was applied. Only one unit of Belzona 2111 D&A Hi-Build Elastomer was mixed at a time, the first batch used to wet out the application area, the second added some volume as well as wetting out the Belzona 9341 Reinforcing Sheet. The last batch smoothed out the application and covered the reinforcing sheet completely.


Belzona Facts:

Only 3 units of Belzona 2111 D&A Hi-Build Elastomer were used on this project. The alternative is to replace the belts which reach over 10 stories straight up and would cause extended downtime. This repair took 4 hours and will protect the belt from the highly abrasive grain.


Photographs Description

1. The silos. 2. Belt prep and Belzona 2911 QD Conditioner. 3. First layer of Belzona 2111 D&A Hi-Build Elastomer. 4. Application complete.

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