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Precise Alignment Application With Belzona® 7111 In Coal Mine



Mining and Quarrying (MINQ)



Gaskets, Seals and Shims (GSS)


Customer Location:

Colstrip, Montana


Application Date:

May 2017


Application Situation:

The mine was replacing six old conveyor belt drives with new units that achieve the same BTU with almost half the footprint. These drives had to be precisely aligned according to the alignment requirements from the manufacturer (Baldor Dodge).



New CST Belt Drives had to be installed and precisely aligned, so that the conveyor belt could return to service. The conveyor belt had to be back in service within 48 hours. 



Belzona 4151

Belzona 7111 (Industrial Grade)



Metal Base Plate and Concrete Foundation


Application Method:

Holes were drilled on the concrete to place the bolts that were going to be used to align and torque the machine. The bolts were anchored using Belzona 4151. A template of the baseplate of the machinery was used as a guideline to install the backer rod on the concrete floor before the actual placement of the machine. The number of chocks and length were all in accordance with the Belzona design especification. Belzona System Leaflet GSS-13 was used to set up and apply Belzona 7111 to precisely align the equipment.


Belzona Facts:

The Belzona solution allowed the mine to replace the drives within their scheduled downtime, the CST drives were aligned and ready to be put back in service in 36 hours. The CST motor drives the main conveyor belt of the plant, so without the conveyor the powerplant would not receive the coal from the mine, making this application very time sensitive. 


Photographs Description

1- Old CST Drive

2- Anchored Bolts with Belzona 4151

3- Pouring Belzona 7111

4- Finalized Application

Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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