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Belzona® Superwrap II Successfully Tackles An Emergency Pipe Leak Repair



Power (POWR)



Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)


Customer Location:

Power Plant, Florida, USA


Application Date:

August 2017


Application Situation:

Steam turbine condenser cooling water line carrying 15,000 gpm at 35 psig.



Rupture in the water pipe line causing erosion of the surrounding area and the road above the line.



Belzona 1212
Belzona Superwrap II composite repair system:
Belzona 9381 - reinforcing fabric
Belzona 1982 - impregnation resin
Belzona 9382 - release film





Application Method:

First, the rupture had to be opened wider to pump out all of the water from the pipe. The surface was then blasted to prepare the right profile to ensure optimal adhesion with the Belzona products. Due to the size of the rupture, a metal plate was used to bridge over the rupture. Belzona 1212 was used to bond the plate to the substrate. Belzona 9381 (reinforcing fabric) was then wetted out with Belzona 1982 and wrapped around the circumference of the pipe. Belzona 9382 (release film) was then applied over the wrap to secure it in place and to avoid air entrapment by exuding excess resin.


Belzona Facts:

By the time the Customer contacted Belzona, two other attempts to seal the leak (using a fiberglass patch and a clamp) had been done and both had failed. A Belzona Consultant was dispatched to the location to assess the situation and prepare a scope of work for the Customer. Upon agreeing on the game plan and budget, the Belzona application crew carried out the repair. The Customer had spent over $30,000 in repairs utilizing other solutions. The repair with Belzona was just a fraction of that and the entire repair was fully done in one day returning the water line back to service. Customer was happy not only with the positive outcome of the repair, but also with the efficiency and promptness with which Belzona tackled this emergency situation.


Photographs Description

1. Rupture in the water pipe line. 2. Metal plate bonded with Belzona 1212 to create a bridge for the wrap. 3. Wetting out Belzona 9381 (reinforcing wrap) with Belzona 1982 (resin). 4. Complete application of the Belzona Superwrap II composite repair system.

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