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Belzona® Protects A Stainless Steel Water Pipe



Water / Wastewater (WATR)



Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)


Customer Location:

Oklahoma, USA


Application Date:

October 2017


Application Situation:

A water treatment plant in Oklahoma serving about 100,000 residents uses 1% bleach as part of their treatment process. A PVC pipe carrying the bleach solution runs above two stainless steel water pipes. The PVC pipe developed a slow leak that was not immediately discovered.



The bleach solution dripped onto the stainless steel pipes over time, causing corrosion and pitting damage. Further damage to the stainless steel pipes could cause a leak, possibly requiring a plant shutdown and leaving thousands of residents without water.



Belzona 1151 (Smoothing Metal)

Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1)



Stainless Steel


Application Method:

The application was carried out in accordance with modified versions of Belzona System Leaflets VPF-1 and VPF-2. Corrosion was removed by mechanical grinding and the surface was prepared according to the appropriate IFU documents. Belzona 1151 was spread onto the previously corroded areas to fill pitted spots and restore the damaged surfaces. Two coats of Belzona 4311 were applied to both stainless steel pipes to prevent further corrosion if another bleach leak develops.


Belzona Facts:

The repairs were done without any interruption to the treatment plant's operation. The Belzona repair not only repaired the corrosion damage but will prevent the same problem from happening again.


Photographs Description

1. 48" and 12" stainless steel pipes, small PVC pipe carrying bleach solution

2. Surfaces cleaned and prepared, Belzona 1151 applied to the damaged area on the back side of the 48" pipe

3. Applying the first coat of Belzona 4311

4. Completed application

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