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Belzona® Spruces Up While Repairs And Protects An Airport Fountain






Customer Location:

International Airport, Florida, USA


Application Date:

Summer 2017


Application Situation:

Fountain outside one of the terminals. 



Old marine paint used for the inside of the display fountain was a dull color and difficult to keep clean.



Belzona 5812DW (Blue)

Belzona 4124 (Bulkfill)

Belzona 5233 (Clear)





Application Method:

The surface was prepared by scarifying concrete. Belzona 5233 (Clear) was applied to the rock face around the outside of the fountain. Some cracks were fixed by applying Belzona 4124. The inside of the fountain was coated with Belzona 5812DW (Blue).


Belzona Facts:

The Customer wanted a blue coating for the inside of the fountain that would be easy to clean and would last under immersion. They also wanted the rock face on the side to be sealed with Belzona 5233 (Clear) and any cracks in the rock face were filled with Belzona 4124. The Customer wanted to use Belzona products due to the successful previous applications with the other fountains at this facility.


Photographs Description

1. Containment for the fountain to keep concrete dust away from the adjacent rental cars.

2. Scarifying the inside of the fountain

3. Applying Belzona 5233 clear

4. Finished application and fountain started 3 days after application.

Case study pic one


 Case study pic two


 Case study pic three


 Case study pic four


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