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Meat Processing Plant In Need Of Belzona® On Cooling Towers



Food & Drink (FOOD)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:

Florida, USA


Application Date:

December 4-9, 2017


Application Situation:

The customer had acquired and installed a brand new cooling tower on  an existing corroded framework. Piping system was also corroded.



The customer spent a great amount of money on a new cooling tower. They did not want to have problems in the future with framework and piping.



Belzona 5811

Belzona 5111

Belzona 3921

Belzona 3111



Carbon Steel


Application Method:

Application carried out in accordance to a modified version of TCC-05. Framework was grit-blasted to NACE 2 Standard. One coat of Belzona 5811 and two coats Belzona 5111 were applied. Some sections of the framework were inaccessible for coating and -in lieu- the access point was sealed with Belzona 3111. Piping system was prepared using power tools. One coat of Belzona 3921 and two coats of Belzona 5111 were applied.


Belzona Facts:

Replacing cooling tower framework and piping would require the customer to shutdown for at least a week which they could not afford. Previous work at the plant had cemented Belzona's reputation and there was no hesitation to get this project. Savings were measured as not losing one week's production. They were also convinced that Belzona coating system will perform excellently for many years.


Photographs Description

1. Framework and piping before surface preparation.

2. Ongoing surface preparation using grit-blasting.

3. Framework after application of Belzona 5811 sand Belzona 5111.

4. Piping after application of Belzona 3921 and Belzona 5111.

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 Case study pic four


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