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Belzona® Lays A New Flooring In A Multi-Use Arena



Commercial Facilities (COMM)



Floor Problem Areas (FPA)


Customer Location:

Indoor Arena, Kansas, USA


Application Date:



Application Situation:

Flooring in backstage and restroom areas.



A water line had failed during off hours flooring back stage areas and destroying the VCT flooring. It became warped and buckled and required replacement.



Belzona 5231 (SG Laminate)

Belzona 5233 





Application Method:

The VCT in the hallway was removed using a ride on hydraulic tile stripper. Surface preparation was then accomplished with EDCO walk behind 9" diamond grinders and Blastrac handheld 4" and 7" diamond grinders for edge work. Shop Vacs with filters and small particle bags were utilized with each grinder and for all cleaning. The base coat of Belzona 5231 was applied via brush to all edges and coves, squeegee to the floor areas and then back rolled. The custom flake was then hand broadcast to rejection into the wet 5231 at the rate of approximately 4-6 ft2 per pound. Following sufficient cure, the excess flake was swept up and then the entire floor was thoroughly vacuumed. The Belzona 5233 clear was then cut in and rolled to seal the floor. Cove was created with the Belzona system as it was decided not to reinstall the vinyl base cove. Half of the created cove was onto cinder block and half was onto drywall. The cove onto drywall had to be flaked immediately to ensure the base coat of 5231 was still liquid enough to hold sufficient flake to be uniform. The cove was done first and the flooring done next.


Belzona Facts:


Photographs Description

1. Removal of VCT flooring in progress. 2. Application of Belzona 5231 in progress. Cove already complete with the entire Belzona system. 3. Hand broadcasting custom flake on the base coat. 4. Complete application of the cove and flooring.

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