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Belzona® Rebuilds And Protects A Clarifier



Water / Wastewater (WATR)



Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)


Customer Location:



Application Date:

November 2018


Application Situation:

Concrete roller track,metallic turbines and floats of a clarifier.



The concrete roller track of this clarifier became damaged during operation and needed to be rebuilt. The floats and turbines had begun to corrode, so required protection from further deterioration.



Belzona 4111 (Magma-Quartz)

Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade)

Belzona 5111 (Ceramic Cladding)



Concrete and Mild Steel


Application Method:

The broken parts of concrete on the roller track were taken away and the surface of both the track and the clarifier trough were prepared by scarification. Metal components were prepared by grit blasting. After the surface preparation, the concrete was rebuilt using Belzona 4111 with a trowel and a former when needed, in accordance with a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet TCC-09. The trough next to the roller track was protected with Belzona 5111. The floats and turbines were protected with Belzona 5811.


Belzona Facts:

The customer already contacted the distributor a few months ago to repair a roller track on another clarifier with Belzona 4111. 4 months later he realised that the repair was doing great and called the distributor for this much larger application.


Photographs Description

Concrete repair on the roller track with Belzona 4111 and a former.

Protection of the tripods, turbines and floats with Belzona 5811.

Final application.

Close up view of final application.

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