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Six Chillers Coating Project



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Heat Exchangers (HEX)


Customer Location:



Application Date:



Application Situation:

Maintenance service of an International airport experienced problem with six chillers that covered all cooling needs for the entire facility. All units were in service for the period from 5 to 10 years and suffered from extensive corrosion on covers and water boxes, that also led to gas losses and leaks through a tubesheets on two units out of six.



Belzona Distributor was first called in to provide a solution for gas leaks but after getting to the root cause of the problem, customer was finally convinced that that the complete Belzona repair solution is the best option that would not only stop the gas leaks but will save units from imminent failure and provide a long term protection.



Belzona 1111 Supermetal
Belzona 1331
Belzona 9111 Cleaner/Degreaser



Carbon Steel, Copper tubes


Application Method:

- Rubber corks were used at the first stage to protect internals of copper pipes from abrasive cleaning and on the second stage preformed as a molds for the Belzona 1111/1331. - The system was under force vacuum before applying Belzona products in order to seal the gas leaks - injection pistol used to make sure the deep gaps between the pipes are completely filled with product


Belzona Facts:

Customer was timely convinced to go for Belzona repair and protection of six chillers that supported the entire airport cooling system, avoiding potential interruptions of air-conditioning in a highly important facility located in hot climate zone.


Photographs Description

Picture-1 - One of the units in its' original state Picture-2 - Rubber corks inserted before blasting on a heavy corroded tubesheet Picture-3 - Belzona in action Picture-4 - Complete repair and final coat of Belzona 1331

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