Belzona Protects Screw Conveyor Against Abrasive Attack

KHIA ID: 8433
Industry: Power (POWR)
Application: SHM-Solids Handling Machinery (SHM)
Substrate: Carbon steel
Customer Location: Biomass Plant, Glasgow, UK
Application Date: November 2019
Products: Belzona 1814,

Problem: High abrasion was leading to unprotected screws only lasting 3-4 months in service. Previous Belzona applications on this type of screw was completed with Belzona 1812, which extended their life to over 2 years.

Screw after grit blasting and metal rebuilding.

Application of Belzona 1814 onto the screw.

Finished application of Belzona 1814, protecting the screw flights and shaft from abrasion.

Application Situation
Screw conveyor used to skim sludge from the base of a silo at a biomass plant.
Application Method
The application was completed in accordance with system leaflet SHM-14. The screw conveyor was grit blasted to SA2 1/2 with a minimum surface profile of 3 mil (75 microns). The area to be coated was then cleaned and degreased using Belzona 9111. Belzona 1814 was applied by brush to the entire area of the conveyor to provide long-term protection against heavy abrasion.
Belzona Facts
The client was keen to try Belzona 1814 on their latest screw conveyor as had previously had success with Belzona 1812 and wanted to see if this product could last the same amount of time in service.