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Belzona® Repairs And Protects Centrifugal Pump Housing In An Industrial Mine



Mining and Quarrying (MINQ)



Solids Handling Machinery (SHM)


Customer Location:

Gold Extraction Mine, Guatemala


Application Date:

December 2006


Application Situation:

Reconstruction and abrasion-resistant lining of the pump housing of the mud conveyor.



Due to the severe abrasive conditions caused by the suspended solids, the pump casing was severely stripped and holes appeared in the housing.



Belzona® 1111 (Super Metal)

Belzona® 1811 (Ceramic Carbide)



Cast iron


Application Method:

The preparation of the surface was done using a sand blasting method. The application was carried out in accordance with SSPC-SP 10 and Belzona System Leaflet SHM-11.


Belzona Facts:

In this application, Belzona lining is considered a sacrificial material, which saves the mine a lot of expenses, since it reduces maintenance downtime. The mine also avoided crystallization of metal that would have resulted from conventional welding.


Photographs Description

  1. Centrifugal pump housing
  2. Holes due to severe abrasion
  3. Application of the lining
  4. Application completed
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