KHIA ID: 5921
Industry: Marine (MRNE)
Application: GSS-Gaskets, Seals and Shims (GSS)
Substrate: Marine Steel and Carbon Steel
Customer Location: Peru
Application Date: August 2015

Belzona 7111 (Marine Grade)

Problem: After the scheduled maintenance of the main engine, it is necessary to align the system and apply chocks to the engine. Alignment tolerances between the engine and gearbox is stringent. It is necessary to shape four chocks, guarantee alignment and comply with the Marine Certification norms such as Lloyd’s Register.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Belzona 7111 on board
  2. Chock at engine base
  3. Detail of caring before pouring
  4. Verifying the correct engine-gearbox alignment
Application Situation
Main engine base of the propulsion system on the fishing boat.
Application Method
The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet GSS-12, BEL CIS 100 with ABS certification and Belzona 7111 IFU.
Belzona Facts
After pouring Belzona 7111 in four chock casings and curing, the alignment was verified within the acceptable and projected range. The process of pouring the liquid polymer offers benefits while replacing the manufacturing of metal shims that do not guarantee 100% support, are costly, needs time and corrections, which requires more days of downtime with no production and would result in a great loss in costs. Belzona 7111 has certification of Marine Classification of Lloyd’s Register and American Bureau of Shipping.