KHIA ID: 4722
Industry: Food & Drink (FOOD)
Application: VPF-Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)
Substrate: Carbon Steel
Customer Location: Food Production Plant, UK
Application Date: 2011

Belzona 5831 (ST Barrier)

Problem: A well known crisp manufacturer had a series of aging gas pipes of diameters ranging between 4 to 8 inch. These heavily corroded pipes were located in the ceilings above production equipment and the packing conveyors. In addition, because of the processes in the rooms beneath, the roof area had excessive heat and humidity, with water condensate perpetually laying on the pipes. Grit blasting was not an option due to production beneath and so Belzona was approached to offer an anti-corrosion system that could be applied in such difficult circumstances.
Photograph Descriptions

1. Location of gas pipes in ceiling 2. Corroded pipe with constant surface condensate 3. Finished section of pipe from Phase 1.

Application Situation
Gas supply pipes.
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with a modified version of Belzona System Leaflet VPF-2. the pipes were hand wire brushed to ST2 standard and then 2 coats of Belzona 5831 applied by brush
Belzona Facts
The restrictions to preparation, coupled with the high air temperatures and excessive humidity were overcome by the surface tolerant properties of the Belzona 5831 and the client was delighted that there was no loss of production in the areas below, and no potential for contamination of their products.