KHIA ID: 2686
Industry: Oil & Gas (OILG)
Application: TCC-Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)
Substrate: Steel
Customer Location: Gas terminal, UK
Application Date: November 2011

Belzona® 1511 (Super HT Metal)

Belzona® 1591 (Ceramic XHT Metal) 

Problem: Internal corrosion with heavy pitting in areas.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Interior of vessel before blasting
  2. Large areas of pitting
  3. Vessel before application of first coat Belzona® 1591
  4. Coated vessel before final remedial work carried out
Application Situation
Amine reboiler vessel
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet TCC-5. Belzona® 1511 was used to fill in pitting. Belzona 1591 applied for overall corrosion protection.
Belzona Facts
Belzona products provide outstanding corrosion protection to the hot chemicals involved. Application was carried out in-situ and with a fast back to service time.