KHIA ID: 1220
Industry: General Industry (GIND)
Application: FPA-Floor Problem Areas (FPA)
Substrate: concrete
Customer Location: Corn Processing Plant, West Tennessee
Application Date: 2007

Belzona® 5811 (Immersion Grade)

Belzona® 5111 (Ceramic Cladding)

Problem: Fork trucks were slipping causing accidents on this slippery loading ramp. Old coatings had failed to improve traction.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Ramp coated with Belzona 5811
  2. Close look at the ramp
  3. Completed application after application of Belzona® 5111
Application Situation
Loading ramp used by fork lifts.
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with modified Belzona System Leaflet FPA-8. After abrasive blasting the concrete to roughen and remove the old coating, Belzona® 5811 was applied in chevron pattern and loaded to rejection with coarse grade of aggregate. The entire system was overcoated with Belzona® 5111 to provide UV protection.
Belzona Facts
Other coatings had failed in the same area. The Belzona system provides optimum adhesion to the substrate, strong anchor for the aggregate and excellent UV resistance ensuring long term positive grip on this previously hazardous ramp.