KHIA ID: 750
Industry: Marine (MRNE)
Application: SOS-Ships and Offshore Structures (SOS)
Substrate: Mild Steel
Customer Location: MV HAIDA MONARCH - Vancouver, BC. Canada
Application Date: 1996

Belzona® 1311 (Ceramic R Metal)

Belzona® 1341 (Supermetalglide)

Problem: Erosion-Corrosion of inner circumference of kort nozzles.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. View of port side nozzle showing erosion pattern after three years service.
  2. View of starboard side nozzle after three years of service.
  3. Re-application of Belzona® 1341 to complete nozzle after welding had been completed to close various cracks.
Application Situation
Kort nozzles of large self propelled marine log loader
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflets SOS-1 & SOS-2.
Belzona Facts
The application shows the vessel in drydock for its three year overhaul. Pictures show how well the Belzona coating has protected the nozzles from excessive erosion-corrosion over this period.