KHIA ID: 924
Industry: Power (POWR)
Application: CEP-Centrifugal Pumps (CEP)
Substrate: Cast Steel
Customer Location: Hydro Electirc Plant, U.S.A
Application Date: May, 2007
Products: Belzona® 1311 (Ceramic R-Metal)
Belzona® 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal)
Belzona® 1341 (Supermetalglide)

Problem: Loss of balance and horsepower.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Broken runner blade
  2. Expanded metal tack welded
  3. Blades rebuilt with Belzona® 1311
  4. Completed application after coating runner
Application Situation
Wicket gate came loose and fell into turbine breaking three blades on runner.
Application Method
Application carried out in accordance with the Belzona Know-How System Leaflets CEP-1 & -3. Expanded metal was tack welded in place before rebuilding with Belzona® 1311. Complete runner then coated.
Belzona Facts
At a cost of less than $5,000.00 in Belzona products, the hydro electric plant saved many thousands of dollars by repairing the turbine instead of sending it out to be repaired. Overall efficiency has been increased by 5-7 kilowatts per hour.