KHIA ID: 1582
Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)
Application: CEP-Centrifugal Pumps (CEP)
Substrate: Carbon Steel
Customer Location: Oil and Gas Platform, Brazil
Application Date: March 2008

Belzona® 1161 (Super UW-Metal)

Belzona® 5831 (ST-Barrier)

Problem: Sump pipe was cracked due to impact. It was required to seal the affected area under water.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Adhesion test being carried out with plates coated with Belzona® 5831 prior to application
  2. Testing Belzona® 1161 on edges of plate under immersed conditions
  3. Application being carried out by divers under water
Application Situation
Sump pipe on oil and gas platform
Application Method
Application was carried out using a modified version of Belzona Know-How System Leaflet VPF-11a. Surface was cleaned in accordance with ISO 8501-1 St2/3 using pneumatic sander. Prior to commencement of the application several plates were coated with Belzona® 5831 for future corrosion protection. Plates bonded in place by diver using Belzona® 1161. Clamps were used to hold plates in place during curing process.
Belzona Facts
Practical training was carried out with the divers prior to carrying out the actual application.  Upon completion, inspection was carried out and a small leak was detected. The leak was repaired with the Belzona® 1161/5831 system.This repair is in perfect condition when last inspected in 2010.