KHIA ID: 2456
Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)
Application: RPA-Roof Problem Areas (RPA)
Substrate: Glass & Steel
Customer Location: Machinery plant, Slovakia
Application Date: 2006

Belzona® 3111 (Flexible Membrane)

Problem: Corrosion of steel frame and rubber seal degradation on the skylights, caused by the effects of weather, was allowing rainwater to leak directly into the production hall creating safety issues and damage of interior machinery.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Skylights on the production hall
  2. Corrosion of steel frame
  3. Application in progress
  4. The skylights in "as new" condition
Application Situation
Skylights in the roof of production hall
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet RPA-3. A fully reinforced Belzona® 3111 system was applied to bridge over the glazing bars and seal onto the glass.
Belzona Facts
To replace the rubber seals would take a long time and expose the interior to the full effects of the weather as well as interfering with production below. Repairs using the Belzona system was completed in 5 days without any disruption to the production process.