KHIA ID: 334
Industry: Water / Wastewater (WATR)
Application: VPF-Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)
Substrate: Steel
Customer Location: Wastewater treatment facility in South Florida, USA
Application Date: January 1994

Belzona® 1211 (E-Metal)

Belzona® 1111 (Super Metal)

Problem: The wastewater treatment facility utilizes jet engines for standby power generation. Jet fuel is stored on the premises. Distribution system for JP4 jet fuel consisting of multiple valves, pipes and fittings was not containing 100% of the fuel.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Several porous welds and threaded fittings of jet fuel distribution system sealed.
  2. Close up view of threaded fittings. Jet fuel leak stopped.
Application Situation
Active JP4 jet fuel leaks through porous welds and active fittings.
Application Method
The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet VPF-11a.
Belzona Facts
The Belzona products demonstrate excellent chemical resistance to JP4 jet fuel.The repair is still providing leak free service even after years of operation.