KHIA ID: 1588
Industry: General Industry (GIND)
Application: FPA-Floor Problem Areas (FPA)
Substrate: Concrete
Customer Location: Chocolate manufacturer, Derbyshire, UK
Application Date: December 2009

Belzona® 5231 (SG Laminate)

Problem: The existing coating had begun to deteriorate and sections of the main walk area had been removed exposing the concrete substrate beneath. This was not only unsightly; it also represented a health risk as staff were unable to clean the floor area adequately as food particles become trapped in the surface. The area also presented a considerable slip risk.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Floor Areas to be Repaired
  2. Floor Areas to be Repaired
  3. Completed Floor Application
  4. Completed Floor Application
Application Situation
Floor in canteen wash area.
Application Method
The remainder of the original floor coating was uplifted and the whole concrete floor area Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet FPA-3. 
Belzona Facts
The clients requirements and expectations have been met in full and they are very pleased with the results. the floor provides a hygenic surface that cannot harbour bacteria and also provides a slip resistant surface for the staff.