Belzona Fixes International Airport Terminal Fountain

KHIA ID: 7510
Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)
Application: FPA-Floor Problem Areas (FPA)
Substrate: coquina rock face, concrete base
Customer Location: Orlando International Airport, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)
Application Date: April 2017

Belzona 4124 (Bulkfill)

Belzona 5122 (Clear Cladding)

Belzona 5233

Problem: The coquina rock face of Terminal A fountain was having an issue with leaking fountain water from the waterfall attraction back under the coquina rock and continued under the entire fountain foundation that puddled up on the sidewalk edge leading in and out of the terminal to the parking and rental car areas. This area is constantly walked on by thousands of airport customers, tourists and airport employees each day which was causing a slip, trip, and fall hazard issue.
Photograph Descriptions

1) Terminal A fountain on first site visit. The other attempts at repairing with foam injection and concrete patches is visible

2) A picture of the adjacent side walk that has gotten wet but is shown dry in the picture because the client has shut the fountain down. After the waterfall runs for a couple hours, the sidewalk starts to puddle with water that accumulates

3) Application of Belzona 4124 bulkfill under the overlaying rock face

4) The waterfall after running at full operation for 3 weeks with ZERO water accumulation on the adjacent side walk

Application Situation
Upon initial site inspection, it was discovered that there were a few small holes up under the overlaying rock of the fountain's concrete base. These small holes must have contributed to the waterfall that made its way under the fountain on the other side that puddled on the sidewalk causing a slip, trip and fall hazard. Belzona 4124 bulkfill was used for the cracks and holes and topcoated with Belzona 5233 (clear) and 5122 clear cladding.
Application Method
Before arrival, the client was asked to remove all vegetation on or near the rock face. Prep was done by grinding under the rock face onto the fountain base. The entire area was pressure washed. Belzona 4124 bulkfill was applied under the rock face creating a concave like design. All the holes under and on top of the rock face and visible cracks were filled. Extra measure was taken to create barriers to help guide the waterfall into one location for control of flow into the fountain base. Belzona 5233 (clear) was spray applied in a heavy application all over the rock face to help seal the coquina rock. The final application of Belzona 5122 clear cladding was for extra insurance of a water repellent over the entire rock face.
Belzona Facts
All other previous methods of repair have not worked and the client has spent thousands of dollars. From applying concrete repairs directly on the rock face to drilling and injecting foam for 15+ years, the client has tried different methods with ZERO success. The first Belzona attempt solved the main concern of water accumulating on the adjacent sidewalk. Belzona 4124 has plugged all holes and cracks and Belzona 5233 not only helped seal the rock face, but when the water fall is running in the direct sun light, it sparkles. Also, the added protection of Belzona 5122 helps repel the water. The clients of GOAA are very happy and this has lead to other applications.