Belzona Protects Operators in a Sugar Refinery using Belzona 5871

KHIA ID: 8408
Industry: Sugar (SUGR)
Application: VPF-Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)
Substrate: Stainless Steel - Grade 316
Customer Location: L'Aube region of France
Application Date: September 2020

Belzona 5871 Belzona 9111

Problem: Operator safety was a major concern for the asset owners, when their operators are having to manually operate the purge valves due to the pipework transporting steam at 90°C, therefore being a hazard and exposing the operators to potentials burn inccidents. The internal microcavities obtained by the system as it expands, creates a high performance thermal barrier, insulating the thermal process and/or preserving the safety of the operators. The new contact temperature after using Belzona 5871 was 47°C.
Photograph Descriptions

1) Belzona 5871 Final System Backside near Walkway 2) Belzona 5871 Final System Backside near Walkway (Close-Up) 3) Belzona 5871 Final System Purge Valve Access

Application Situation
Stainless steel pipework transporting steam at 90°C, is handled manually by operators when purging the system.
Application Method
The application was done in accordance with a modified version of Belzona's VPF System Leaflets. Belzona 5871 was manually applied using a brush no larger than 20mm wide, with the bristles cut down to 25mm. The product was applied to achieve a thickness of of 6mm.
Belzona Facts
Alternatively they could have used conventional heat-insulation but much too expensive on small diameter pipework. Thanks to Belzona's innovation, there are no other similar products on the market making Belzona the best choice as a market leader.