Belzona Rebuilds & Protects Beet Washers

KHIA ID: 8700
Industry: Sugar (SUGR)
Application: GSS-Gaskets, Seals and Shims (GSS)
Substrate: Cast Iron / Steel
Customer Location: Czech Republic
Application Date: January 2016 (Phase 1)

Belzona 1111 (Super Metal),

Belzona 1812 (Ceramic Carbide FP),

Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal)

Problem: Due to the demanding nature of the sugar beet washers operation - humidity, abrasion and erosion - leading to accelerated rates of corrosion and wear resulting in through wall defects due to repeated abrasion and erosion from the sugar beet during operation.
Photograph Descriptions

1). Deteriated Beet Washers in Situ,

2). Partial Belzona 1812 coated Wash Bowl,

3). Partial Belzona 1812 coated Lid,

4). Top Coated Lid using Belzona 1321

Application Situation
Sugar beet washers used to clean sugar beets in order to calculate average cost of clean sugar beet vs. dirty sugar beet were worn and damaged.
Application Method
The wash bowl and top lid, were grit blasted prior to being rebuilt to their original profile using Belzona 1111. This was followed by the application of Belzona 1812 which has ceramic fillers inside to reduce and combat the abrasive wear, providing resistance to fine particle abrasion in particular. The bowl and lid were then coated using Belzona 1321 to provide a smoother surface on top of the sacrificial lining. The application was carried out in accordance with Belzona System Leaflet GSS-5 & GSS-9.
Belzona Facts
Thye customer was so happy with phase 1 of the project that he commissioned phase 2 which took place in 2018.