Belzona Repairs the Internals of Ball Mill

KHIA ID: 8164
Industry: Mining & Quarrying (MINQ)
Application: SHM-Solids Handling Machinery (SHM)
Substrate: Carbon steel
Customer Location: Cement Manufacturer, Essex, UK
Application Date: December 2019
Products: Belzona 1511 (Super HT-Metal)

Problem: The client was undertaking refurbishment works on one of their ball mills. During inspection it was highlighted that seven localised areas on a dome end internal had damaged plates, which in turn had eroded the substrate resulting in heavy steel loss.
Application Situation
Resurface and bring back to profile worn tiles in a ball mill
Application Method
Using conventional grit blasting methods, the substrate was prepared to a standard minimum surface profile of 75µm and a surface cleanliness of SA 2½. The client then rotated the ball mill 180° to allow for the rest of the mill to be prepared. Belzona 1511 was then forced into the blasted profile by brush. This material was then used to reprofile the damaged areas using an applicator and straight edge across good steel to use as a datum. Once all of the reachable areas where repaired, the ball mill was then rotated again by 180° and the remaining repairs were undertaken.
Belzona Facts
The client initially selected Belzona to complete this application due to the high standards of quality, health and safety possessed by the contractor. They also required the applicators to be trained to work in confined spaces.