Belzona Saves Silo Lid

KHIA ID: 7700
Industry: Buildings & Structures (BSTR)
Application: TCC-Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)
Substrate: Steel
Customer Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Application Date: August 2017

Belzona 1111 (Supermetal) Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade)

Problem: The customer had noticed problems with their cement storage silo and after inspecting found that the lid was severely corroded and was letting in rainwater. The silo is 11 metres high, to replace the lid would be logistically very difficult and incredibly expensive.
Photograph Descriptions

1. The silo lid at the start of the repairs 2. A closer look at the damage 3. The lid repaired with B1111 plate bonding techniques 4. The finished lid

Application Situation
The customer manufactures concrete beams, blocks and other structures at their large site in Bedfordshire. The silo is a vital part of their plant as it is used to bulk store cement powder. Any moisture ingress will ruin the stored materials.
Application Method
The lid was cleaned thoroughly using a bristle blaster as grit blasting was not possible at the height required due to logistical and environmental factors. Steel plates were then bonded to the lid using B1111 where required to repair the holed areas using an adapted version of Belzona System Leaflet TCC-3 Once the plates were bonded into place and the B1111 had cured, two coats of B5811 were applied to the silo lid.
Belzona Facts
Having the silo lid refurbished rather than replaced saved the company in excess of £21000 for a new lid and the contractor fees. In addition, the Belzona solution allowed them to carry on production as the silo could still be used safely whilst work was being carried out saving a huge amount of money in lost time and revenue.