Belzona protects the inside of hot liquor tanks in a brewery

KHIA ID: 7771
Industry: Food & Drink (FOOD)
Application: TCC-Tanks and Chemical Containment Areas (TCC)
Substrate: Mild steel
Customer Location: Tadcaster, UK
Application Date: 2018

Belzona 5892

Problem: This brewery has 6 liquor tanks which operate at 85°C, they were all coated with an unknown liner which was failing. The location of the tanks meant that the client could not replace them and a high performance coating was required. The protective coating also had to have a potable water approval.
Photograph Descriptions

1- Blasted tank before application 2- Pit holes on the inside of the tank 3- Conditions inside the tank 4- Final application

Application Situation
Hot liquor tanks of a brewery, hot liquor is the hot water used to mash the ingredients to make beer.
Application Method
The previous liner was removed by grit blasting, this step took 3 days. Once the pit holes under the liner had been repaired, two coats of Belzona 5892 were applied to the first two hot liquor tanks using Belzona Know How System Leaflet TCC-5. Belzona 5892 was cured with hot water and washed down twice.
Belzona Facts
Five months after the application, engineers from the brewery inspected the tank and were so impressed they have commissioned the coating of the other four tanks.