KHIA ID: 2238
Industry: Steel & Metal Processing (STEL)
Application: VPF-Valves, Pipes and Fittings (VPF)
Substrate: Cast Iron
Customer Location: Steel Plant, Teesside, UK
Application Date: 2011

Belzona 1121 (Super XL Metal)

Belzona 9341 (Reinforcing Tape)

Problem: Gas leak on the 24 inch cast iron pipe was detected and once excavated a crack of 25cm length over the socket area was found to be the cause. The pipe was the gas main between the coke ovens and the power plant and so an immediate solution was required. The coke oven gas had a typical Internal pressure of 500mBar and client needed to reduce the repair period to a minimum.
Photograph Descriptions

1. Site access to excavated pipe section

2. Excavated 24 inch Gas Main with crack identified

3. Completed Belzona 1121 wrap

Application Situation
Leaking cast iron coke oven gas pipe.
Application Method
The crack was terminated and V cut in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet VPF-08. Belzona 1121 was used to pack the gasket and create fillets on either side of the flange, before conducting a wrap repair in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet VPF-11a.
Belzona Facts
The client asked Belzona for a rapid response and the preparation and application were completed within a day. Because of the restricted access in the pit and the size of the pipe, Belzona 1121 was chosen to conduct the repair throughout due to its longer working life. The external pipe diameters were nominally 67cm, with a flange of 83cm diameter. The final 3 layer wrap was approximately 97cm length, and consumed 96Kg of Belzona 1121. After curing for a day the gas main was reopened and tested at full pressure to the absolute satisfaction of the client.