KHIA ID: 1244
Industry: Oil & Gas (OILG)
Application: SOS-Ships and Offshore Structures (SOS)
Substrate: Wet carbon steel
Customer Location: Offshore Platform, Thailand
Application Date: May 2005
Products: Belzona® 5811 (Immersion Grade)
Belzona® 5831 (ST Barrier)

Problem: The offshore platform was experiencing severe corrosion and wall thickness loss of the riser pipe due to the splash zone area which may ultimately lead to leaks or rupture of the high pressure pipe.
Photograph Descriptions
  1. Corroded riser pipe
  2. Application of Belzona® 5831
  3. Completed application
Application Situation
Corroded riser pipe
Application Method
Application was carried out in accordance with Belzona Know-How System Leaflet SOS-21. Belzona® 5811 was applied to the external paint surface above the splash zone. Belzona® 5831 was applied to the external paint surface in the splash zone area.
Belzona Facts
The repair using conventional paint was very difficult as the splash zone is regularly wet from sea waves and very slow curing. The paint will not properly cure if contaminated by little amount of sea water. Belzona system was chosen for its ease of application and specifically for its surface tolerance and ability to cure under wet conditions.